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jmbJeremy Morris-Burke is originally from St. Louis, MO and moved to New York City in 1997 to pursue an MFA in Design for Stage and Film at NYU. Over the next few years Mr. Morris-Burke designed lighting and scenery for dozens of theatre and dance pieces in the US and Europe. He and his wife Vanessa founded a non-profit production company to assist in raising funds for some of these projects, their first foray into producing.

Having long been interested in film and video, Mr. Morris-Burke began shooting dance films for some of the choreographers with whom he had been working. This also led him into editing, which evolved into a fascination for cinematic storytelling.

While writing “Jim” for the stage, Mr. Morris-Burke realized that the scope of the story he wanted to tell was better suited to cinema. Though initially overwhelmed at the prospect of learning filmmaking from scratch, Jeremy went headlong into the multiple challenges of script development, technical research, financing and pre-planning required to bring his vision to the screen.

“Jim” marks Jeremy Morris-Burke’s debut as a feature film director. Coming from a background in theatre, Jeremy is a completely self-taught and independent filmmaker. He believes that this film is a testament to the ability of young filmmakers with limited resources to create and share work without compromising their artistic goals.

Mr. Morris-Burke currently resides in New York with his wife Vanessa and their two-year-old daughter.

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